Making dreams come true

Our company is dedicated to building a solid reputation by producing quality projects and satisfying each customer. We value our customers' ideas and desires to build a custom project to fit their needs and achieve even the most ambitious dreams. We believe that each project needs an individual approach while also requiring the collaboration of tradesmen and management using strong communication skills to bring customers' ideas into reality. Our job is to help you navigate the process from conception to result. We value long term partnerships and strive for professional relationships with our customers by ensuring satisfaction during all phases of construction. We strongly believe that it is never too early to get a professional builder involved in the project. Don’t hesitate to call for ALL building solutions.


Merk Hawaii & All Stars LLC is a collaborative project between two companies. Igor Merk and James Walters III met at a construction project and found that both had similar approaches to the construction practice: striving for excellence with complex building designs, honoring attention to detail, quality craftsmanship and strong work ethic. Both partners have spent the past 25+ years working with leading construction companies around the islands, the mainland and even Europe. The one thing they also had in common was difficulty in finding time for the business side. In 2020 we decided to collaborate and build a better business together to ensure continued project presence without suffering a loss in quality. We were very fortunate to put together a great team to help with the company's back end while we do what we do best: Building your dreams. Since then we have allocated more time to building and most importantly our clients. We believe each project needs special attention and we are extremely happy to be able to dedicate our time for you! When we are not at work you will find us doing a variety of sports and adventures. You can find us in the ocean or in the air. Both partners have sports achievements in the world arena. Big wave surfing, paragliding, kitesurfing, foiling and other adventurous activities inspire us to build a better world.


Eco building is something we are very passionate about. Over the years we participated in many eco building practices: in 2009 we built a fully sustainable energy home that mimicked a small ecosystem. In 2016 we built the very first “Earth Brick” home in Hawaii. There are many ways to approach sustainability. When we think eco we think of longevity, products that provide minimal impact on the environment, low energy usage, etc. We will be happy to share our extensive knowledge and our experience with you. Let's work together! Eco does not always mean new technology, sometimes one has to look back to move forward. In the past, traditional building practices often resonated with mother nature. For over 20 years we have striven to be open minded and have tried to find a balance between new technology and traditional building. In today's disposable world with high real estate prices, it is extremely important for us to create something that will last.


Each project is unique and that's what makes our job exciting. In the past we had the pleasure to work with various accomplished architects from around the world and various design studios. Our projects were featured in a variety of building magazines like "Building Industry Hawaii" and many more.


To save you from the complication of hiring various subcontractors, we offer in-house trusted partners. From sketch and design to full service mill work options directly from our local wood shop. We are proud to partner with many of the area's most talented designers and cabinet providers. We believe that this approach helps provide our valued customers with the tools to achieve a successful project of any scope.